New Plus-Size Lingerie Campaign Isn't Really Body Positive

Lane Bryant #Imnoangel

Oh hello, Lane Bryant's new ad campaign. It's smoking hot and its aim? To have all the Victoria's Secret angels running for cover. It's war of the worst kind: Sexy underwear war.


In an effort to promote their exclusive line of underwear Cacique, plus-sized women's clothing store Lane Bryant is throwing punches -- sexy punches! Okay, admittedly that one kind of got away from me but let's roll with it. Victoria's Secret is known for their "angels", but Lane Bryant's girls sexy girls are throwing major shade, posing in an array of seductive poses captioned with the hashtag #Imnoangel. 

Look. It's AWESOME to see curvy women modeling underwear and looking dope as heck doing it. It makes me feel that maybe I have it in me to frolic about in lingerie for my boyfriend's entertainment without adding pratfalls to make him laugh. But let's be real for a minute: Those curvy women? They are still MODELS, YOU GUYS. Plus, if this is supposed to be a campaign promoting sexiness at every size, is taking a dig at the Victoria's Secret models really in the right spirit? 

The dream of living in a world where a woman, regardless of her size, shape, or race, can feel sexy or beautiful is a great one. But campaigns like this aren't actually helping do anything other than sell a few more panty sets. In the immortal words of Sinead O'Connor before she ripped up a photo of the Pope (something I won't do ever because my dad would get SO mad) FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY! Women shouldn't be turning against each other in the battle against unrealistic beauty standards - we should be turning against the media machine that propagates the myth! 

How would you promote body positivity? 


Image via Instagram 

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