Video of Models Sharing Their Body Insecurities Is a Major Eye-Opener

models insecuritiesWe all have days when we feel less than comfortable in our own skin. In those moments, we may envy women who represent the standard of beauty -- actresses, models, maybe even an incredibly pretty friend who seemingly never struggled with her body image. These gorgeous women couldn't possibly know what it's like to stand in front of a mirror and beat themselves up over their skin, hair, weight ... right?


Wrong. Turns out, we've just about all been victims of the pressure to look perfect. At least, judging from this eye-opening viral video from  D.EFECT, a fashion line that creates designs inspired by errors and imperfections. 

The brand asked svelte, young, stunning models to 'fess up their own body insecurities, and the result was both inspiring and heartrending.

Hard to believe these women use words like "hate" about something like their height -- which is clearly an asset! -- or a teeth gap, an adorable nose, unique birthmarks. But think about it. These women may make a living by looking a certain way, a way we deem gorgeous or even "perfect," but no one can fit those pie in the sky labels. Ultimately, even models can't live up to the airbrushed ideal that society sets. Crazy.

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But proof we all need to give ourselves a break. We're "perfect" just the way we are sans Photoshop or plastic surgery. And it's our flaws, not to mention our individuality, that MAKE us beautiful.

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