11 Spokeswomen Who Defined Our Ever-Changing Standards of Beauty (PHOTOS)

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You needn't look that far back to see that our perception of what's glamorous, sexy, appealing, and desirable is constantly shifting. But if you do look back, it's truly wild to see how the definition of beauty has evolved. What better way to do that then by looking at the women who've been tapped to represent the biggest cosmetics brands over the years?

Call 'em brand spokesmodels, spokeswomen, or brand ambassadors, but the faces of companies like Revlon, CoverGirl, and L'Oreal have set the tone for their era. By advertising lipstick, foundation, or perfume, they've embodied whatever version of gorgeous was the ideal of their time.

They're so much more than spokesmodels!

Here, 11 beautiful women who've repped cosmetics brands goin' way back to the '20s and served as the ever-changing faces of beauty in the U.S.

Which era's "version" of beauty can you most relate to?

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