The Surprising Culprit Behind Your Worst Breakouts Revealed

woman talking on iphoneOne might think that once your teen years are solidly in the rearview mirror, acne would no longer be an issue. But for many of us in our 20s, 30s, and even beyond, breakouts that are occasional or even consistent can be a major nuisance. 


Some triggers are tougher to go to battle with than others. (Darn stress! Freakin' hormones!) But one of the most common and surprising causes of adult acne is one you can actually take control of, which is pretty awesome! It's ... your smartphone!

We've all heard that stat thrown around that our devices carry around more bacteria than a toilet seat handle, right? It's gross, but it makes sense, given that we take our phones everywhere these days.

Even if you aren't dropping it on city sidewalks or exposing it to strangers' germy breath on crowded subway car, your phone is basically a sponge for all of that makeup, sweat, and skin bacteria on your face and fingertips. Holding your phone against your cheek and jawline for chat marathons can trap oil in the pores, so it's no wonder it can cause you to breakout big time!

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Thankfully, we don't have to live in fear of our phones wreaking havoc on our skin! If you're on the phone for a lengthy convo, a quick face wash may be wise. And a quick wipe-down of your phone -- either using a DIY solution made up of 60 percent water, 40 percent alcohol or a monitor wipe, like Shieldme 1010 Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes ($14, -- will also help keep acne-causing bacteria at bay.

'Course minimizing the amount of time you spend with your phone up to your ear -- or even typing texts and hashtags -- wouldn't hurt either. At this point, it's a challenge for just about anyone to switch up their smartphone habits. But if it'll minimize your battle against blemishes, it's probably well worth it!

Have you linked any of your breakouts to using your phone? How have you changed your habits to clear up your skin?

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