25 Rejected Nail Polish Colors​ That Will Make You Cringe

rejected nail polish colors Some nail polish shades look better in the bottle while others have no business being on the shelf in the first place. Twitter users have come up with hundreds of hues they definitely do not want to see at their next mani-pedi. We checked out the trending hashtag #rejectednailpolishcolors and came up with 25 of the funniest (and freakiest) tones you can imagine!


We've all seen this color, right, moms?


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Sounds like this gal had a rough night.

Here's one no one wants to see ...

So descriptive! 

What new mom hasn't seen this hue? 

Just in time for Easter!

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No thanks to both of these!

You can really picture these shades, can't you? 

You definitely don't want this one. 

These titles would raise some eyebrows when you request them at the salon!

This tint will make you think twice before popping in a random salon.


In case you missed her on your flat screen ...

Sounds like a fresh-start manicure to us!

Ideal for a girls night out?

Perfect for teens with a little something to hide.

With a pearly finish, no doubt.

Maybe for a pedi?

Probably not too popular unless you're a Jets fan.

When you're in need of a French manicure on the cheap ...

Not sure we want to know more about this ...

For the outdoor type ...

Which real-life shade would you reject as a nail polish color? 


Image ©Nik Merkulov/shutterstock

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