16 Incredible Autism Tattoos Showing Support & Awareness (PHOTOS)

16 Incredible Autism Tattoos Showing Support & Awareness (PHOTOS)

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We get tattoos for so many reasons -- beautiful reasons. Seeing parents and family members with incredible tattoos in support of and to raise awareness for autism makes those tattoos even more inspiring. And this entire collection of autism awareness tattoos will not only move you, but make you smile realizing how many people are doing all they can to raise awareness in hopes for a breakthrough, a cure.

Beautiful mom Chastity shows her support not just in her heart and her actions, but on the nape of her neck. I love her son's sweet missing one-tooth smile and seeing the tattoo there as well. Take a look at more incredible ink for autism ....

Do you have an autism awareness tattoo?

Image via Chastity Mahan/Instagram

  • Hamsa With Puzzle Piece


    Image via ohana_tattoo/Instagram

    The hamsa is a magical protection symbol and seeing the autism puzzle piece within it is just beautiful. This work of art was created by Mana at Ohana Tattoo in Las Vegas.


  • Brick With Puzzle Pieces Revealed


    Image via krdlux/Instagram

    Tattoo artist Kelly Rogers of Gearhead Tattoo in Florida created this detailed tattoo. Josh Walker got this tattoo in honor of his 6-year-old who has autism. Josh's wife also got a tattoo for autism awareness, and it's also incredible. Click through to see it.

  • Hello Kitty Beckoning Cat


    Image via krdlux/Instagram

    Beautiful mom Sara Walker got an equally beautiful tattoo in honor of her son who has autism. She said she's, "very proud to represent my awesome son and autism awareness." I love how both mom and dad are showing their love and support for their child and raising awareness. Kelly Rogers of Gearhead Tattoo is the incredible artist behind this tattoo and Sara says that he brought her vision to life. Love!

  • Beautiful Banner


    Image via kelliecline/Instagram

    This dagger tattoo has that old school charm with a beautiful banner that says "I'll fight your fight." Kellie Cline included the puzzle piece on this tattoo, which was done by Dennis Clements II of at Electric Art in Joplin, MO.

  • Wonder Woman Autism Mom


    Image via swanky.gypsy/Instagram

    Angel's back is a work of art -- those wings are gorgeous, and below them she shows her superhero powers. I love the Wonder Woman symbol with the puzzle pieces worked in. Angel says it's her "badge of honor... It's been one hell of a ride, getting to where we are, but I'd do again in a heartbeat. Being an #AutismMom has been the hardest, yet most rewarding adventure in my life."

  • "Different Not Less"


    Image via beanbullock/Instagram

    Created by Bean Bullock of Bodeans Tattoo in Kentucky, this intricate butterfly tattoo with the autism ribbon worked in is lovely -- add in those words "Different not less" and it's even more inspiring.

  • Winnie the Pooh


    Image via scott_hornery/Instagram

    This tattoo is just so sweet and clever. Scott Hornery of Top of the Range Tattoo in Toowoomba, Queensland, inked this fantastic tattoo and as Pooh says, "Some people care too much. I think it's called love."

  • Beautiful Heart Tattoo for Autism


    Image via gypsyremedial/Instagram

    Beautiful mom Daniela got this tattoo for her child -- she has many great tattoos. This one with the heart and puzzle piece and intricate design is simply gorgeous.


  • Puzzle Piece With Son's Handwriting


    Image via nessxtea/Instagram

    Vanessa tattooed this incredible work of art on a mom supporting her son Leo. That's Leo's own handwriting below the puzzle piece with a heart in it. Simply perfect. I love this tattoo so much.

  • Nature Inspired


    Image via stephaniekittle/Instagram

    I love the bold colors, the birds, the branch, and the sun, but it's the autism puzzle piece that mom Stephanie worked into this tattoo that truly makes it one of a kind.

  • Matching Tattoos for Mom & Dad


    Image via victoriakurtztattoos/Instagram

    Image via victoriakurtztattoo/Instagram

    Tattoo artist Victoria Kurtz created these incredible tattoos for a mom and dad whose daughter has Asperger syndrome. Seriously incredible work and sentiment.



  • Feather Tattoo With Puzzle Piece


    Image via art_by_jmartinez/Instagram

    I adore feather tattoos and this one by artist Jordan Martinez is fantastic. I love the simple yet powerful puzzle piece added on. It's so delicate and since the feather is a form of protection and allows birds to fly and soar, it makes it even more fitting.


  • Family's Journey Ship Tattoo


    Image via Adam Bailey

    I love ship tattoos and this one is one of my favorites yet. Adam Bailey has this tattoo created by Lafond from Big Time Customz Tattoo in Georgia. The puzzle piece in the sails is perfect along with the banner that reads, "Life is a journey. Every family has a story." Adam also runs the Facebook community Hardcore Parents Inc., which is place for parents of special needs kids to connect.

  • Rose With Puzzle


    Image via milkandhoneytattoo/Instagram

    The talented Magie Serpica of Milk and Honey Tattoo in Staten Island, NY, created this beautiful piece. I love the symbolism of how the pieces make something very beautiful.

  • Tattoo on Tattoo


    Image via christos_zacharias_tattoo/Instagram

    Christos of Sailor's Grave Tattoo in England designed this beautiful pin-up adorned with puzzle pieces to bring awareness to autism for his customer Jackie. It's an old school meets new school kind of design -- love it.

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