Incredible 3D Tattoo Transforms Man's Arm Into Futuristic Cyborg (PHOTOS)

3d tattooIt seems that so many tattoo artists are creating some of the most incredible works of art on people's skin that I may run out of room before I'm able to get all the tattoos that I want.


One style that has emerged is dotwork -- I already have a gorgeous piece done by the incredible Minka Sicklinger of East Side Ink in NYC. Tattoo artist Tony Booth of Dabs Tattoos in Southport, England, has taken dotwork to the third dimension -- his 3-D geometric tattoo is amazing.

There are multi-layers to this tattoo and it includes using dotwork for those dimensions, which tells me one thing -- it must have hurt to have to endure the same parts of skin tattooed over and over. But that pain has paid off big time -- it's truly amazing to look at. It took 18 months to complete. And Booth has won Best Blackwork award at the tattoo convention Tattoo Tea Party. Artist Banksy even shared a photo of the tattoo in his Instagram page.

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Booth and his wife, Lisa, run Dabs Tattoo together and Lisa said of the bionic tattoo:

The client and Tony came up with the concept between them and it grew from an upper arm sleeve to a full sleeve and then it carried on to his hand, shoulder and upper chest.

Well done and so inspiring. This is exactly why tattoos are so addicting. There are so many new tattoos by incredible artists that make you think ... I want something like that!

What do you think of this 3-D tattoo?


Image via DaMongMan/Flickr

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