Eva Mendes Is About to Find Out There Are No Perfect Bottoms When You're a Mom​

Eva mendes

Last week Eva Mendes was blaming divorce on sweatpants, and now the actress has revealed she's not a fan of jeans either. The new mom, who welcomed baby Esmeralda with Ryan Gosling last fall, says she prefers skirts and dresses to the confines of denim. To which we say: Let's just see how long that lasts! 


Just what doesn't the New York & Company designer like about jeans? She explains: 

But if you see me in jeans it’s probably because all my skirts are at the dry cleaners or just dirty. I mean, I think jeans are really uncomfortable actually -- aren’t they? They’re so restrictive!

To be honest, she lost me a bit at "dry cleaners," but I do know what she's saying. Jeans can be unforgiving as well as uncomfortable -- unless they've got a little spandex or elastic in the material. I know sometimes after a few slices of pizza, I'll joke that I'm going to have to be surgically cut out of my dungarees. 

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Now, I hate to break it to Ms. Mendes, but skirts can be pretty restrictive too. Like when your toddler throws her favorite stuffed toy or sippy cup on the floor for the hundredth time and you have to keep bending over to get it without mooning countless strangers.

Or, how about when you're balancing your baby on your hip and you don't even realize that your skirt has somehow wiggled its way up around your belly button? 

Then there are the moments when your child just decides to lift your skirt up (way the hell up) just for the fun of it. True story: When my son was 3 we were waiting in line at the butcher when all of a sudden he flung the skirt of my maternity dress straight up in the air and I flashed at least two older gentleman and a bunch of customers. (I should've gotten a few free filets for that show!) He'd never done that before so I didn't see it coming. 

And as amazing as she looks in them, there are times when skirts and dresses have given even Kate Middleton a run for her money

So, I guess what I'm saying, Eva, is that there are no perfect bottoms once you're a mom. Oh, except maybe for sweatpants, but we know how you feel about those!

Which do you wear more often jeans or skirts?

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