Women Everywhere Are Practicing Their Right to Shop Without Lipstick On

woman smeared lipstick

There are a lot of reasons why women don't shop in department stores the way that we have in the past.


But not for the reason the Macy's CFO is blaming for lackluster sales: Women don't want to put on makeup to go shopping. What?!!

Uhhh, this is just ever so slightly tone-deaf. Because yeah, less millennials want to go to department stores, sure, but that's due to a little ol' thing I like to call: The internet.

I mean it's true, women may not feel the need put on lipstick while shopping online, but they also don't have to leave the house. Or wear pants.

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ALSO, I will be the first to admit that I formerly loved me a good ol' fashioned meander through department stores of every variety -- Macy's included. But then I met my boyfriend T.J. -- T.J. Maxx? He's kind of a big deal. He knows I get off on a bargain and he's eager to give me what I want ... which is usually a Philosophy shirt for under 20 bucks. But he's not the only man in my life. I've taken a lover: Amazon P. Rime. I pay him a flat fee annually and he gives me gift after gift and it is glorious. 

If I'm going to get off my computer-lovin' butt and go shopping in an actual non-internet store, it's not going to be inside a high-priced department store. If I want fancy lipstick, I'll hit up Sephora or Ulta. If I want a deeply discounted trendy top, Urban Outfitters it is. I'm not going to exhaust myself pacing the caverns of a department store to pay more for something I could get for less money and less time elsewhere. Whether or not I have my face on is a non-issue. Besides, I'll have the good folks at Macy's know that I wear my lipstick everywhere. Even while internet shopping. 

Do you still shop at department stores?


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