Amal Clooney's 10 Most Awe-Inspiring Looks (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Mar 25, 2015 Beauty & Style

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When Amal Alamuddin first caught George Clooney's eye, she also caught ours. Beautiful and smart, Amal became our girl crush. It's not just her silky hair and lipstick choices -- though that is certainly part of it. Amal can wear jeans or a gown and she always looks effortlessly gorgeous.

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Looking back on Amal's wardrobe choices is an inspiration. She isn't afraid of bold prints, ripped jeans, or wearing all white. Here are her 10 best looks so far ... and based on this, the future looks bright and on trend.

Which look of Amal's is your favorite?

Image via Chalkiopoulos/DL/Splash News

  • The retro wide-leg pants look


    Image via XactpiX/Splash News

    We can learn so much from this look on Amal: never fear print, don't shy away from trends with mixed with black, dare to wear a crop top, and always look confident. Those pants are a 70s dream, but she doesn't look like she stepped out of the past. Amal made this look current with a fuzzy black crop top and long jacket. I'm in awe.

  • Leather pants always amazing with a long top


    Image via Sharpshooter Image/Splash News

    Black and white is timeless, and yet leather pants can be tricky to pull off. Not for Amal. Wear your leathers with a long top and it's perfect, but it can't just be any tunic. This fuzzy white and slightly boxy shaped sweater is the perfect match. Also, we can't deny the brilliance of that beret. Love!

  • Jackie O? Not it's Amal C!


    Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

    Imagine arriving to the airport like this. I'm hearing sighs of adoration following the sound of her luggage along the floor. From her Jackie O sunglasses to that perfectly fitted red jacket, Amal knows how to pull an outfit together.

  • Ripped jeans forever


    Image via Splash News

    It can be argued that anyone can look good in a fancy dress -- and we see Amal in lots of fancy Hollywood-esque dresses. But what about jeans, 'specially ripped jeans? Yes! Amal shows how it's done in style. A fold at the bottom, combat style boots, and a flowy style cardigan over a tunic. Nothing super tight. All casual and yet so glam.

  • Bold prints with moto jacket -- check!


    Image via Turgeon-Steffman/Splash News

    The moto jacket isn't going anywhere -- it just keeps getting reincarnated and here we see Amal in a sweatshirt style zip-up with the coolest printed pants around. Also ... those shoes! This is an outfit that can be worn to brunch with your friends or to the park with the kids.

  • Spring's perfect outfit


    Image via

    Wow. Just wow. Amal stuns in the perfectly fitted crop top. Take note: It's not tight and it has structure. Those printed ankle jeans look adorable with a couple of folds on the bottom. The flats make this casual, but I could easily see her swapping them out for heels and a bold jacket for evening. This outfit screams springtime.

  • The statement dress


    Image via Splash News

    Amal looks amazing in red and this dress is a stunner. It's a high-low style, and this one is not only long in the back, it's a train, giving it even more dramatic effect. I could see this in white as someone's wedding dress. It's beautiful silhouette.

  • Tiny details = big style


    Image via Mike Coppola/Getty Images for 100 LIVES

    First let's discuss the color of this dress. That blue! Then the cut of it -- the ways it frames her neck and shoulders is so flattering. And then we have the surprise! The cutouts at the sides make this dress on point and sexy without being too over the top. George is a great accessory, too.

  • Dare to wear all white


    Image via Splash News

    Something about this look makes me feel like this photo is a page from an Italian fashion magazine. We have to take note of a woman who can wear this -- an all-white pants set with a black belt and white floppy hat -- and look this incredible. What we need to most note is Amal is never without her confidence, which is truly what makes each outfit.

  • That bell-shaped dress


    Image via Splash News

    I adore a long-sleeve mini dress -- you're not showing too much. We have plenty of leg from Amal here, thanks to that bell-shaped skirt, but the long sleeves make it classy and yet sweet. That beautiful flower print also makes this dress extra darling.

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