Michelle Obama's 1950s Fashion Makes an Accidental Statement (PHOTO)

michelle obama japan yellow dress

Poor Michelle Obama! Her fabulous fashion sense is being picked apart again by the media. What did she do this time to earn their ire? The First Lady wore a classic, belted, 1950s-inspired dress by Kenzo on her first trip to Tokyo, Japan. I know! How dare she. 


michelle obama japan yellow dress

Can you imagine wearing a retro-cut day dress and everyone at work talking about how cool it is that you're subverting the idea of a traditional 1950s housewife? Unless you work at Vogue, the answer there should be a resounding NO! I love how it has occurred to no one that maybe Michelle is wearing this style and cut of dress...BECAUSE IT IS UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING! A belted waist with a balanced bell skirt and top? Everyone looks amazing. It was true in 1950 and it's true now. 

Imagine waking up and going to your dresser. Now imagine that instead of jumping into something (relatively) clean and hopefully still in one piece you've got to make sure that what you're wearing is comfortable, stylish, affordable, flattering, AND totally speaks to your personality.

This is not something we all accomplish every single day of the week. Me? I need at least one hot cup of coffee before I can be trusted to put on a not-embarrassing bra and a T-shirt that does not feature Garfield morosely stating his feelings about Mondays.

Even if we did have enough time (and caffeine in our systems) to do it, for most of us our days our so full that we just can't be bothered with the mental gymnastics. Luckily, no one expects that of any living human woman. Unless, of course, you're the First Lady.

Poor Michelle is expected to do just that -- and more! You're supposed to dress in a way that sends a positive and universally acceptable about What It Is To Be a Modern American Woman (big ideas deserve grammatically senseless capitalization). Dude, if we're going to chronicle every outfit FLOTUS wears leaving the house, can we at least have more fun with it and be like "Green dress on Michelle could mean early spring according to one psychic we interviewed next to a Dumpster." That I could get behind. 

Do you think Michelle Obama should be required to make a statement with her duds? 

Image © ISSEI KATO/Reuters/Corbis

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