Jennifer Lawrence Wears ‘Pretty Woman’ Throwback Dress & Makes It Look Classy (PHOTO)

jennifer lawrence dior

Wow, just in time for the 25th anniversary of the movie Pretty Woman, Jennifer Lawrence stepped out in a cutout dress seemingly inspired by Julia Roberts' iconic blue and white hooker outfit. Durr -- but of course JLaw's dress is more tasteful, less trashtastic. What do you think?


Right? It's pretty much the same idea, a cropped tank that narrows down to the center into a miniskirt. The Pretty Woman version is all spandex, of course, because: Hooker. JLaw's version, on the other hand, looks practically baggy in comparison. But it's by no means frumpy thanks to the fun sequin strips up top and the pretty, A-line, floral embroidered skirt. Also, it's Dior.

jennifer lawrence dior julia roberts pretty woman

Ooh la la, it's like a mashup of Julia Robert's prostitute outfit and her fancy, expensive horse races suit. Only much more fun! Suffice it to say, if you go into a high-end store dressed in Jennifer Larwrence's dress they're going to treat you real nice. There will be no need to whip out the phrase, "Big mistake. HUGE."

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It also helps that Lawrence wore some demure gold kitten heel sandals and not patent leather thigh-highs. Although, I do think you could probably work those boots (without getting arrested) if you wore them with a blazer or turtleneck.

Gosh, so much has changed since 1990, right? Here we are, looking at the same dress style, all grown up and with some self respect. And yet, so much has stayed the same. I think we all know which dress will get you laid more quickly.

Which do you prefer, the original Pretty Woman dress or the Dior version?

Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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