Serena Williams' 'Vogue' Cover Is a Breathtaking Surprise (PHOTO)

serena williams vogue april 2015

Hello, gorgeous! Tennis star Serena Williams is Vogue's April cover model and she looks resplendent. If you're looking for your spring inspiration, look no further.


Behold, Ms. Williams in all her glory ...

serena williams vogue april 2015

It's such a simple cover. Williams is in a plain teal shift and minimal makeup. But it's perfect. The athlete has a way of making powerful look so sexy. She's strong, not just in her body but in her facial features, too. Her curls form a mane around her head and she stares directly at you, not coyly, but boldly. Zing!

Thanks, Vogue -- I mean it. This is the time of year when women everywhere (including me!) starting thinking about shorts and bikini season. We appraise ourselves in the mirror with a critical eye. Are we thin enough? How much of that winter weight do we need to lose? We grab a fists full of thigh and imagine a surgeon's knife slicing it all off. We vow to stop eating ice cream.

Williams' cover shuts all of that down.

What if we stopped worrying about being thin enough and started fantasizing about being stronger? That's something within every woman's reach. Strong is beautiful -- just look.

Next month Vogue will probably feature yet another willowy wisp of a model on their cover, as usual. So enjoy this one, everyone. Relish this moment when we can imagine another way to be our sexiest, most gorgeous selves.

What do you think about Williams' Vogue cover?


Image via Vogue magazine

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