The 8 States Most Obsessed With Their Looks: Is Yours One of Them? (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Mar 20, 2015 Beauty & Style
The 8 States Most Obsessed With Their Looks: Is Yours One of Them? (PHOTOS)

A crazy new map was recently created using Google Autocomplete that shows the hottest item or service that people search for in each state. Maybe you're thinking, well, gee, "affordable electrician" must have ranked up there because we all know we need one. But, oh boy, are you off the mark. 

Depending on which state you live in, you desperately want to know about nannies (Texas), gas (Hawaii. And I'll answer that one: a million dollars a gallon), or weed (oh, Colorado ... ). But, if you live in one of these eight beauty-obsessed states, you really just want to know how to be an even hotter version of yourself. 

And just in case you're curious, here is the map. If you live in Kansas, you might feel a sense of pride knowing that you're all just helpless romantics who want to get married, whereas, if you live in Ohio, you're likely utterly confused (and watching your back as you read this):

What do you think about your state's most Googled goods or services?


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  • California Wants the Tightest Face Money Can Buy


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    It isn't shocking that a state filled with beautiful starlets wants to know how much it costs to buy a fountain of youth. In California's case, "face lifts" were the number one service search phrase. Is there anyone in Cali who actually looks her age?

  • Idaho Wants Its Fat Trimmed


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    Idaho may be known for its potatoes, but folks here are eager to make it look as if no carb ever touches their lips. A lot of people really want to know the cost for "liposuction" in The Gem State.

  • Oklahoma Would Like To Lift Its Girls Higher


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    Women in Oklahoma aren't necessarily pining for larger breasts -- but they do want the ones they have to reside somewhere farther north on their bodies because "breast lift" was their hot search term.

  • Arkansas Wants Bigger Boobs


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    While their neighbor to the west wants a breast lift, Arkansas women just want more breast. "Breast implants" are on a lot of women's wish lists in this state -- though we're pretty certain the search term has never appeared on any Duggar computer.

  • Iowa Says Wrinkles Are for Sheets


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    Iowa doesn't have time for aging and wrinkles, so save all of that talk about growing old gracefully for a state like New Jersey (which creepily searches for "funerals"). "Botox" is the service that has captured the attention of beauty mavens in The Hawkeye State.

  • Indiana Wants a Bodacious Rack


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    "Breast Implants" are on a lot of women's minds in the Hooter Hoosier State.

  • North Carolina Wants a Button Nose


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    North Carolina, we like you just the way you are. But a lot of you aren't crazy about your noses because "nose job" was your number one service search term.

  • Virginia Is for Lovers ... of Firm Faces


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    Like California, Virginia's senior population is less than the national average. So why the obsession with "face lifts," we wonder?

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