The 8 States Most Obsessed With Their Looks: Is Yours One of Them? (PHOTOS)

A crazy new map was recently created using Google Autocomplete that shows the hottest item or service that people search for in each state. Maybe you're thinking, well, gee, "affordable electrician" must have ranked up there because we all know we need one. But, oh boy, are you off the mark. 


Depending on which state you live in, you desperately want to know about nannies (Texas), gas (Hawaii. And I'll answer that one: a million dollars a gallon), or weed (oh, Colorado ... ). But, if you live in one of these eight beauty-obsessed states, you really just want to know how to be an even hotter version of yourself. 

And just in case you're curious, here is the map. If you live in Kansas, you might feel a sense of pride knowing that you're all just helpless romantics who want to get married, whereas, if you live in Ohio, you're likely utterly confused (and watching your back as you read this):

What do you think about your state's most Googled goods or services?


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