'Underage Red' Isn't the Most Distastefully Named Beauty Product ... by Far! (PHOTOS)

woman applying lipstick at storeSure, we're all looking for the perfect lipstick color that totally complements our skintone and makes us look like we're glowing from within. Same goes for any kind of makeup really. But these days, if you're going to make cosmetics, you've gotta have a shtick. And by shtick, I mean catchy name. OPI, with their perpetually quirky nail polish monikers, isn't the only game in town, folks!


Unfortunately, in their attempt to sell us more lip gloss and bronzer with eyebrow-raising names, some cosmetics companies have pushed the envelope way too far. Case in point: Kat Von D's "Underage Red" lipstick, which recently, understandably caused a whole lotta outrage.

Here, 11 other cosmetics with inappropriate names that are really anything but cute.

Which of these is most jaw-dropping to you?


Image via iStock.com/Poba

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