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10 Truly Bizarre Perfumes: Who Wants to Smell Like This Stuff? (PHOTOS)

semen bizarre perfumesTypcially perfumers create fragrances out of scents like flowers and citrus. Sometimes they throw in a little spice and other things nice. These are all lovely, intoxicating things.

But lately, there seem to be a lot of fragrances out there that are scented with things we're not sure we'd ever want to smell like -- sperm, pot, and earthworms, to name a few. Check those and more out, here.

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4Money, Money, Money, Money!

Who doesn't want to smell rich? This fragrance contains linen, cotton, and silk -- the same things that go into making money. It comes packed in real, shredded US money. (We'll take ours non-shredded please!) Her Money Make It Rain, $29.95, at Liquid Money

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Seriously? Some people need a fragrance for this? It's what we smell like after a day of playing with our toddler. Play-Doh, $21.99, at Overstock.com


6Fat Electrician

Okay, we don't even want to know what a fat electrician smells like. But if you do, the company that makes this fragrance says it was made to appeal to folks who want to smell like someone who used to be a beautiful "midnight cowboy," but gave it all up to become a fat electrician in New Jersey. Not kidding. Fat Electrician, €125, at Etat Libre D'Orange


This is a men's fragrance. Think about that for a minute. If you see some dude sniffing himself like a maniac on the subway, it's probably because he's wearing this. QUE BBQ Scented Cologne, $24.95, at Pork Barrel Barbecue Store (Of course, where else would it be?)

9Semen, Blood & Breastmilk -- What a Winning Combo!

The same company that brought you Fat Electrician gives you this odorous combo of semen, blood, and breast milk. Hmm -- sounds like a new mom's dirty bed sheets. Secretions Magnifique, $88, at select boutiques


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