Pamela Anderson's 'Weird' New Haircut Makes Her Look Her Age & Even Better (PHOTO)

Get Pamela Anderson into a room with Renee Zellweger and Uma Thurman and we're pretty sure they'll be able to quickly bond over a sad fact: all three have recently been criticized for daring to look their age. For years, the former Baywatch babe dealt with harsh critics who decided she was way too old to continue rocking long beachy blonde hair and low-cut dresses. Then she cut her hair into a pixie and some suggested she had lost her sex appeal. Her latest look and haircut has divided folks—even though we think Pam looks incredible.


Pamela is now 47. Her love life is a bit chaotic (isn't it always?) as she just recently divorced from Rock Salomon for a third time. But, if looking good is the best revenge, Pam has nothing to fear. She attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Gunman wearing a plunging gold gown that showed just the right amount of skin without being scandalous.

I mean, this is still Pam we're talking about—she more or less trademarked the plunging neckline.

I can take or leave her dress because I'm not crazy about the color, but that HAIR. Her new cut is SO late '70s/early '80s and reminds me of the one Michelle Pfeiffer sported in Scarface. And the blonde hue—to die for:

And guess what, guys? That isn't her new young boyfriend on her arm. That's Pam and ex-husband Tommy Lee's 18-year-old son Brandon. Wasn't he a toddler, like, five minutes ago? What a handsome young man!

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I love the new Pam and adore her for experimenting with styles and for not sticking with the look that made her famous. Women who are willing to embrace their age and who aren't eager to look 18 when they're 50 always make better fashion and beauty choices. Love Pam's new hair and classy makeup.

As for her wardrobe: she totally hit the mark a few years ago when first cut her hair into a pixie and dabbled in French gamine style: sweet, well-made sweaters, full skirts, and ballet flats. Bring a few of those pieces back and we'll be heaven.

Do you like Pamela's new look and haircut?


Images via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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