Man Kicked Out of All-American Restaurant Because of His Face Tattoos

A teddy bear of a man named Erik Leighton just enjoyed an Alan Jackson concert and he was hungry after the good ole U.S. of A. music show. So he headed on over to a local restaurant in Houston, Texas, called Bombshells and promptly got kicked out -- all because he had facial tattoos. Oh America. You are doing it, again.


Discrimination. Let's see. So women with tattoos are slutty sex deviants and people with tattoos on their face aren't allowed to eat at a place called Bombshells. Bombshells is kind of like a Hooters only the women working there wear tiny military-themed nothingness. Think bikini tops, hot pants, and a fake bullet belt for effect.

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So the wings there are hot and the girls are hotter, but a tattooed man cannot catch a meal at the Bombshells off I-45 and Fuqua. Our tattooed teddy bear Erik thought the manager was joking when he along with his friends were told to leave, but nope. Bombshells wasn't going to serve a man with some ink on his noggin. Erik said, "It makes you feel like less of a person when you're escorted out for no reason."

Not cool. Breastfeeding moms who have been kicked out of establishments for nursing their babies are wildly in agreement. They understand Erik's plight. Erik did what many of those moms have also done -- went on various social media to share his discriminatory experience. Bombshells responded saying that there are gangs in the area and face and neck tattoos are synonymous with them and they were worried Erik was affiliated.

To which, Erik replied:

I have no criminal record. I work hard at a plant. I have two cats. I'm the furthest thing from a gang member.

Collective awwwwww. Still, this is a serious issue. We can't profile people like that -- we have to be human. I can't help but think that if the manager at Bombshells took a minute to speak to Erik he would realize that he wasn't up to no good. The man just wanted to eat. And no one better blame Erik for getting face tattoos. No one should say something along the lines of Well, what did he expect when he went and tattooed his face? It's called personal choice. We don't walk around thinking people deserve different treatment for wearing jewelry different than our own, or clothes with a different style than we wear. Tattoos should be viewed the same.

Bombshells is sorry, they say. And if Erik is still hungry, I'm sure someone out there is willing to welcome him in their own with open arms. A man with tattoos who loves cats, has no criminal record, and is a hard worker? Swoon!

What do you think of Erik's experience? Do you pass judgment on people with tattoos?

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