Women With Tattoos Are Slutty, Says the Wrongest Study of All Time

woman with tattoos

If you listen to this study, your conclusion of me would be that I have sex with anyone, anywhere, and all the time because I cannot get enough. And it's because of my tattoos. A study has revealed that women with tattoos are perceived as slutty with low standards. My first thought was that the people polled probably don't think women deserve the right to vote either and that they are living in some antiquated time. But I was wrong ....


College students were polled. College students?! Yes, college students. Lisa Oakes is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio and she polled 221 students, both men and women, and asked them their thoughts on women with tattoos. Those involved with the survey were shown photos of ladies with and without tattoos and then asked to rate their intelligence, ability to commit, sexiness, desirability, and level of warmth. Oakes said:

When she had a tattoo, she was rated as looking like she ... might be more receptive to sex without a committed relationship. She looked like she had lower standards of partner selectivity, and she looked like she had a higher sex drive [than] the girl without the tattoo.

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You hear that my fellow tattooed ladies? They are calling us sluts! We'll sleep with anyone. And we want to have sex all the time. In fact, we are probably having sex right now as we are reading this. To which, I laugh. I've lived too long (and apparently hard and fast) to worry about what some people think of me, but I will admit that I am shocked that people think this way, especially the college-age crowd. Women are repeatedly being judged and chastised for everything. We are blamed for being raped. We are told that we asked for it if our skirt is short. By this study, I would guess that if a tattooed woman was being groped at a bar, her tattoos would be blamed instead of the man doing the harassing. 

Stop the judgment and shaming. It's wrong.

What do you think of this study?


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