12 Gorgeous Ways to Get Out of Your Eyeliner Rut

12 Gorgeous Ways to Get Out of Your Eyeliner Rut

If you tend, like me, to fall into a routine with your eye makeup, doing the same thing over and over because it's tried and true ... it's time to shake things up! There are so many gorgeous, flattering techniques to try, and they're all totally doable.

This look above, for example, is just one of the cool ways to colorblock your eyeliner. You can get this look with two liquid liners (one colored; one black), or a colored liquid liner and a black pencil liner. Do a thick cat eye with your color first, and then a thinner black line right on top.

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For more killer ideas, click through the slideshow. Which one do you think would look best on you?


Image via iStock.com/chesterf

  • "Eye-Lifting" Cat Eye


    Image (c) Edward Cruz

    Celebrity makeup artist Edward Cruz, whose clientele list includes Anna Wintour (!!) says this is one of his favorite ways to lift the eyes "dramatically and originally." And, he says it's fairly easy to do, because of the width of the line. He recommends MAC Creme Liner with an angle or pencil brush.($16 at MAC Cosmetics)

    Here's what he does:

    In small strokes, gently brush the liner from the inside of the eye (closest to nose), outward towards your temples. Lift the line just before reaching the end of your eye. Continue using these small strokes until you find that you’ve created a line you are confident with.

    Check out more of Edwards looks on his Twitter and Instagram!


  • Boxy Blue Eyeliner


    Image (c) Lauren Cosenza

    This geometric look, created for the Moskov runway show by Mari Shten of ARDENCY INN Cosmetics, is really a step above most generic eyeliner looks. Here how Mari worked this look:

    1. Use Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Grey on the lid, very close to the lashes, to create dimension. ($19 at Sephora)

    2. Use Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Dark Blue to create the square shaped liner on the outer corner. Take the liner half way to the eyelid, then half way on the bottom, and fill in the boxy shape.

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  • Lacquer Cat Eye


    Image via butter LONDON

    Hot damn! This look is all about the product: butter LONDON Iconoclast Infinte Lacquer Liner, which creates a sleek, lacquer-like look.  The model is also wearing Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara. ($20 each at Ulta)

  • "Invisible" Liner


    Image (c) Christina Choi Cosmetics, by Kristina Varaksina

    Wait, what? No, stay with me! According to Christina Choi of Christina Choi Cosmetics, "invisible liner" is all about making your lashes look thicker! Essentially, she says, you apply a thin line to the underside and topside of your lash line, giving the illusion of a fuller, thicker lash base.

    Here are Christina's full instructions:

    1. Press a firm angled liner brush, like the Perfect Liner Brush, into a dark chocolate matte brown, like Opening Night Eyeshadow. Raise and tilt your chin back. With your ring finger, lightly lift the eyelid up so it exposes the underside of the lash line.($19 and $17.50 at christinachoicosmetics.com)

    2. Next, apply the eyeshadow with the brush to the underside waterline directly where the eyelashes grow. Make sure you are very careful and have a steady hand.

    3. Finally, line the topside of the lash base, directly where the lashes grow, to finish off the look. Be sure you are pressing the angle of the entire brush, using the same eyeshadow, starting at the inner corner of the lash line and walking it across. This is a subtle and clean way to define your eyes that gives the illusion for thicker eyelashes.

    For more great tips, follow @choicosmetics and facebook.com/ChristinaChoiCosmetics

  • Double Winged Liquid Eyeliner


    Image via Revlon.com

    Speaking of liquid liner, this is a fun twist on a glam look -- do you see the little double wings on Olivia Wilde? Get the exact look with Revlon ColorStay Skinny Eyeliner in "Green Spark." ($3.20 at Drugstore.com)

    Check out the next slide for a close-up view of the "wings."

  • Double Winged Liquid Eyeliner: Close-Up


    Image via Revlon.com

  • Divergent Eyeliner


    Image (c) Christina Choi Cosmetics, by Kristina Varaksina

    A similar, but different take on the last look is another great technique by Christina Choi of Christina Choi Cosmetics. She calls this "Divergent Eyelining" -- a precise cat eye liner on top paired with a liner on the outer half of the lower lash line that extends outwards. "The top and bottom lines never meet," she says, "so there's a negative space between the two lines which gives a futuristic and edgy look."

    Love it!


  • Dramatic Smoky Eye


    Image via KateyDenno/Instagram

    What sets this apart from an average smoky eye is the dramatic extension from the outer corners of the eyes and the dark shadow on the lids. To get a similar effect, try an eyeshadow that also works as a liner when wet, like Bare Minerals Liner Shadow. ($14 at BareEscentuals.com)

  • Electric Blue Liquid Liner


    Image via samishka/Flickr

    A bold route, this look is more dramatic if you can do the liner in your waterline, and not just under your lash line. Try NYX Cosmetics Liquid Eye Liner in Electric Blue. ($5.47 at Amazon)

  • Colorblocked Eyeliner


    Image via /Instagram

    There are a ton of cool ways to colorblock your eyeliner--this is one of the prettier and more subtle, with just the inner portion of the lower lash line being a different color.

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  • Sultry Cobalt Blue on the Lower Lash Lines


    Using a pretty blue only on your lower lash lines creates a dynamic, sexy look. Pictured here is L'Oréal Infallible Silkissime Eye Liner in cobalt blue. ($8.99 at Ulta)

  • Reverse Cat Eye


    Image via r.h.t./Webstagram

    Here's a helpful reverse cat eye tutorial for some pointers on getting this subversively sexy look.

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