Kanye West Fashion Instagram Spoof Is the Greatest Instagram of All Time (PHOTOS)

Kanye West Fashion Instagram Spoof Is the Greatest Instagram of All Time (PHOTOS)

kanye is fashion

Kanye West is one of those celebrities who keeps on giving. I seriously cannot get enough of that guy, both the fashion and the quotes. So how thrilled am I that someone has compiled the best of both on this phenomenal Instagram account, "Kanye Is Fashion."

Yes, really! Okay, no. The truth is, the Instagram was created by an anonymous genius and the images are Photoshopped, not his actual designs or even anything Kanye has actually worn. But those out-of-context quotes are mostly his. So enjoy!

What's your favorite 'Kanye Is Fashion' look?


Image via KanyeIsFashion/Instagram

  • Kanye & the Bad News Bears


    Image via KanyeIsFashion/Instagram

    "I say don't try to be above the influence. Because I am the influence. And the only thing higher than me is God."

    But can God even see Kanye with all those bears surrounding him?


  • Kanye & Hanna Andersson Collaboration


    Image via KanyeIsFashion/Instagram

    "People underestimate me as an artist. A true artist displays emotion. And my emotion right now is #snuggly."

    I don't want to alarm you or anything, but I think maybe Kanye may have stolen your kid's pajamas?

  • What Sweater Dreams Are Made Of


    Image via KanyeIsFashion/Instagram

    "Shot of the off the runway for my winter collection. Others dreams are my reality. While you dream it, I live it."

    The world may mock, but I actually love this giant hoodie sweater and would wear it in a heartbeat right now if I could. (It's snowing here. Again.)

  • Wild, Wild West


    Image via KanyeIsFashion/Instagram

    "With #hardwork comes #reputation. With reputation comes #fame. With fame comes #power. And with power comes the #responsibility to stay on top."

    But Kanye, to stay on top one must wear clothes over one's union suit.

  • Something Beautiful Inside His Head


    Image via KanyeIsFashion/Instagram

    "Imagine all the greatest artists and musicians coming together to create something magical. @beyonce @badgalriri @officials_c_ @banksy (not #beck) That's something beautiful living inside my head."

    Kanye did not design this running suit, but I do believe that's what the inside of his head might look like.

  • Something Fresh


    Image via KanyeIsFashion/Instagram

    "Had a #great night tonight with the bae @kimkardashian. This is something #different I've been working on. #Fresh as f--- though."

    You will never see a baseball cap the same way again. Poor Kanye.

  • What to Wear When Climbing the Mt. Everest That Is Your Life


    Image via KanyeIsFashion/Instagram

    "It's not easy being me. If you could enter my mind for a minute I think you'd truly understand the passion I have to push myself further and further past my limits. My #life is Mt. Everest, cause I never rest."

    I believe this 100 percent -- it cannot be easy to be Kanye. Oh man. Not easy at all!

  • One Final Note


    Image via @KanyeWest/Twitter

    Lest there be any confusion on the matter.

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