Selena Gomez's 'V' Magazine Cover Prompts Wild Plastic Surgery Rumors

selena gomez v magazine coverWhether you're a fan of her music or not, we can all pretty much agree that 22-year-old actress-turned-pop star Selena Gomez is gorgeous. But rumor has it she's feeling rather insecure these days -- about her "baby face." Dish Nation is reporting that a source close to Selena says her cover shot for magazine's Spring 2015 issue has the star "seriously considering having cosmetic surgery to reshape her childlike face."


Whether it's true, or not -- so NUTS.

The source claims, "Selena's a mess over the spread because she really wasn’t trying to look like a child, that’s literally just her face." Right. That's her face. And it's beautiful. So why mess with it?

Well, because, according to the insider, "Selena has the body of a woman, and the voice of a woman, and she wants her face to match." What's more, she worries she "gets treated differently or like she’s just a child because of her baby face -- but she’s a woman and wants to be treated like one. She thinks that if she’s able to tweak her face a bit, she’ll get more respect."

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And apparently she'd accomplish this by undergoing a procedure that would "refine her chin and give her more defined cheekbones."

Man, oh, man. Let's hope this is a totally fabricated LIE. Not only because she's absolutely perfect just the way she is, but getting plastic surgery to look older in showbiz -- especially as a woman -- is just about the wackiest thing we've ever heard! Maybe it's an early April Fool's joke? But even then, not funny ... Fingers crossed Selena knows how truly stunning she is -- "baby face" included!

Can you believe this crazy rumor?!


Image via V magazine

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