Britney Spears' Hair Extensions Go Rogue During Vegas Performance (VIDEO)

britney spears on plane instagramBritney Spears has been holding court at Planet Hollywood's AXIS auditorium, continuing her residency through the better part of this year. All has been going swimmingly for the pop star. That is, until she suffered a wacky wardrobe malfunction on stage the other day!


During her February 27 performance, in the middle of her song "Do Somethin'" (circa early Kevin Federline era), a clump of her blonde hair extensions fell off her head and onto her black catsuit. Eek! But Brit managed to carry on like it never happened. Check it out.

Now, that is one professional pop star there, folks! Well, the woman has been performing for the masses since she was a kiddo, so it's not really a surprise she could keep her cool even when her weave went rogue!

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Furthermore, I'd like to know why we're all so stunned this happened. We've known she's rocked faux tresses for years (her current real 'do is a bob -- or possibly a lob at this point, as she first debuted her chop in September), and given that her shows are so heavily choreographed, it's actually more of a surprise that this hasn't happened sooner! Hey, maybe it HAS, and we just never noticed, because BritBrit is that spot-on a performer.

At any rate, the celeb mom deserves a standing ovation. After all, if there was ever a perfect way to handle a very public fashion flub, this would be it.

How do you think Brit fared here?


Image via Britney Spears/Instagram

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