Cindy Crawford's 'Imperfect' Photos Are Fake, Photog Says

Cindy Crawford

Remember those photos of Cindy Crawford that surfaced a few weeks ago? You know, the ones that made every woman feel better about her less-than-perfect stomach and upper thighs? Well, as much as we all might want to believe we have something in common with the supermodel, we're now hearing that those supposedly "untouched" photos were actually doctored to make the 49-year-old look bad.


According to The Daily Mail, Crawford's photographer, John Russo, has said the pics, taken in 2013, were "stolen or unlawfully accessed and then altered and distributed to the media," and is threatening to sue everyone involved.

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So far, the stunning mom of two has remained mum on the subject but her husband, Rande Gerber, was quick to show the world his wife is still smokin' hot and posted this super-flattering bikini pic just days after the average-looking shot surfaced. 

She got flowers and I got her. Happy Valentines Day @cindycrawford

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Obviously her photographer and husband are eager to set the record straight, so why hasn't Cindy herself addressed the leak? We'd love to think it's that she just doesn't care either way. Maybe she's confident enough in herself to not feel the need -- or, maybe she knows women everywhere felt a little bit better after seeing that pic and she doesn't want to ruin it for us so soon.

Whether the photo turns out to be real or faked, Cindy will always be gorgeous in our eyes. To think that she's not as vain as those quick to cry foul would only make her that much more beautiful. 

Do you think the photo of Cindy Crawford has been retouched? 


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