Lily James’ ‘Cinderella’ Gown Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (PHOTOS)

lily james cinderella premiere gown

Get ready to swoon: This weekend Lily James stepped out in a Cinderella gown with "glass slippers" and looked absolutely stunning. She looks perfect for the Disney's Cinderella premiere, doesn't she? Wait until you see the entire gown!


Here it is, in its full, unabashedly princessy glory. Gorgeous! The sparkling embroidered gown is by Elie Saab and features sheer pockets on the sides. And will you look at that train? Sigh.

lily james cinderella premiere gown

But wait, it gets better. Underneath that glittery skirt glide the most spectacular shoes by Christian Louboutin. Talk about your Disney fantasy -- they're not really glass, of course, but they give the same effect.

lily james cinderella glass slippers louboutin

As if those slippers weren't enough, please feast your eyes on James' clever clock-shaped clutch by Charlotte Olympia. Don't be late, Cinderella!

lily james cinderella clutch charlotte olympia

Oh, did you notice the diamond ring? To go with her diamond earrings, of course.

The whole ensemble hit the perfect note, don't you think? It has plenty of romantic drama, but with a bit of sexy sheerness (not too much, though!). And yet, the simple design and color make it ever so elegant.

Honestly, with such a gown, who even needs a handsome prince? It would be enough of a thrill simply wearing the dress and shoes. If I were Lily James, I would still be wearing that gown. I would probably wear it for a whole month solid, to the office, to the grocery store, everywhere. All day, every day. Because look at it, it's magical.

What do you think of Lily James' Cinderella gown?


Images via Kevin Winter/Premiere of Disney's "Cinderella"/Getty Images, Jason Kempin/Premiere of Disney's "Cinderella"/Getty Images, Kevin Winter/Premiere of Disney's "Cinderella"/Getty Images

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