7 Super-Fun Printed Leggings Under $100 (PHOTOS)

printed leggings 
Black yoga pants: We all love them. And what's not to love? Easy to throw on and comfortable to wear, they're the workhorse of our workout (and in some cases, everyday) wear. But sometimes, you need a little something different. Sometimes (especially during that last stretch of winter) you need a little pattern, a little color, a little something to put an extra hop in your step. 
From geometrics to florals, neutrals to neons, we've got a pair of print leggings for every mood. Just as easy to slip on as those old familiar black yoga pants, but so much more fun -- promise! 
Are you a print legging fan or would you rather go plain?

Written by Andrea Jenkins for The Stir. A photographer, writer, and teacher, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her spectacularly bearded husband and two rad kids. Find her work on the pages of UPPERCASE magazine, where she's a core contributor or on her blog Hula Seventy, where she's been sharing words and images for ten years now. 

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