What Color Is This Dress? The Question Driving the Internet Mad (PHOTO)

You guys. I can't even explain this dress. I think it might be full of dark color-shifting magic or something. Have you seen it yet, and asked yourself the question: Is it white and gold or black and blue? Lives may hang in the balance. As in, we can't get back to ours until this debate is settled.


When I first saw mention of this dress in my Facebook feed, I was incredulous that anyone could see colors other than white and gold. It was white and gold, obviously. Gold and very, very light blue, maybe, but sometimes it's hard to tell in a photograph.

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Now all I can see is black and blue. My head feels tripped with, y'all. Someone is pulling a Jedi mind trick on me, I'm pretty sure. I'm not the only one. Take a look at the instantly infamous dress in question and some of the comments about it:


According to sources on the Internet, the color discrepancies might be due to some tricky lighting. A post production supervisor in Los Angeles who goes by the name of Ben said that the pic was taken in poor lighting and with a camera phone, which made the white look blue, while casting the gold into a darker tone (black).

This wise source of color and lighting said, "People who see blue and black are seeing the photo at face value. People who see gold and white are compensating to the photo's lighting and aesthetic."

So what color is it? The world may never know.

What do you think? Is it black and blue or white and gold?


Image via swiked/Tumblr

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