10 Simple Beauty Tips We Should Steal From Millennials

When it comes to soliciting beauty advice, we're often told to turn to our own moms and grandmothers for inspiration (hey, if it ain't broke). While older women possess a wealth of knowledge about everything under the sun, and especially about the skin-saving properties of Pond's Cold Cream, women in their thirties and forties often neglect the best untapped resource of all: their informed, stylish, and beauty-smart millennial "sisters."


As natural-born multitaskers raised in a high-speed age, millennials put effort into their beauty routine, but keep things as uncomplicated as possible. If a product can't perform more than one job, it's probably not going to get a second chance to appear on their vanities.

"My daily routine takes five to seven minutes," says Kristin McDermott, 26, a consultant with Jamberry Nails. "I value my time and I don't like to sacrifice time for beauty."

Find out what more experts have to say about the great generational beauty divide and snag these 10 millennial beauty tips all moms should try to stay stunning while streamlining and simplifying their routines.

Are you a millenial with beauty secrets? What tips would you add?


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