Rebel Celebs Who Broke the Red Carpet Rules & Won (Mostly) (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Feb 25, 2015 Beauty & Style
Rebel Celebs Who Broke the Red Carpet Rules & Won (Mostly) (PHOTOS)

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Well, look who showed up on the red carpet in some Saturday afternoon attire -- at least from the waist up: Olivia Wilde paired an H&M white t-shirt with a flowing, moody-hued skirt. And it works!

As much as we love those gorgeous formal gowns, we love it when celebs flout the rules and wear something unpredictable. Because anyone can put on a nice dress. But to pick out something else takes daring and creativity. Here's a few of our other favorites. Some are just plain WEIRD, but we applaud these stars for trying.

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What's your favorite red carpet rule-bending look?


Image via Ian Gavan/Getty Images

  • That Other Time Olivia Wilde Wore a T-Shirt


    Images via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Screening of 'Drinking Buddies'/Getty

    This was not the first time Olivia Wilde wore a t-shirt on the red carpet. Here she is killing it in a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt worn with an asymmetrical skirt, as one does. The key to this look is going all black, with chic pumps and copious amounts of black eyeliner.

  • That Time Sharon Stone Wore Her Husband's Gap Shirt


    Image ©1998 RAMEY PHOTO AGENCY (310)82/Corbis

    Stone's choice of her then-husband's crisp, white button up made the formal satin maxi skirt look sexy and un-stuffy. I'm surprised you never see anyone try and copy it, but maybe it's just too iconic?

  • That Time Rihanna Wore Pajamas


    Image via Koki Nagahama/'Battleship' Japan Premiere/Getty Images

    Remember when Rihanna wore pajamas on the red carpet? She's not the only one -- it was a "thing" for a while there. Jessica Alba wore pajamas, and so did Rashida Jones. But Rihanna pulls it off best with her air of sly nonchalance.

  • That Time Diane Keaton Wore a Bowler


    Image via Carlo Allegri/2004 Oscars/Getty Images

    Okay, we're used to seeing Diane Keaton in menswear on the red carpet. She rocks it like no other. But this time, girlfriend took things to a whole 'nother level with that bowler. Where was her monocole?

    By the way, Diane Keaton is the one celeb you'll see who ALWAYS seems to be having an absolute hoot at every single event. Could it be because she's actually dressed comfortably? Makes a girl wonder.

  • That Time Taylor Swift Wore a Pantsless Onsie


    Image via Jason Merrit/2014 MTV VMAs/Getty Images

    Because it gets boring after a while, wearing nice dresses.

  • That Time Rihanna Wore a Boudior Robe


    Image via Michael Buckner/2014 MTV Movie Awards/Getty Images

    Riri again, posing in what appears to be a 1950s-era pinup swimsuit with a flowing bedroom silk robe. All that was missing were the fuzzy feather mules and a coupé of champagne.

  • That Time Kim Kardashian Wore a Boxer's Robe


    Image via Jason Merritt/2015 Grammys/Getty Images

    Not to be outdone in the robe department Kim Kardashian showed up for the Grammys in a respendent golden boxer's robe and pretty much nothing else.

  • That Time Bjork Wore a Swan



    We've seen it a hundred times, BUT IT NEVER GETS OLD! I still love Bjork's swan dress. Did you know? It had pockets. Pockets! As if the bent neck and the dead head weren't enough. I love this look so much.

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