Updo for the Holiday: The Retro Look


No matter what you are wearing for the holidays, it's always fun to do a little something with your hair.

cafemama, Cafe Cynthia, and I went to Donsuki salon in NYC so Suki Duggan, stylist to the stars, could teach us how to create a holiday updo in minutes. Suki's a mom to three kids and she says all you need is a few minutes in the bathroom alone to create these styles.

Suki gave me a retro updo -- great for long hair. Also check out cafemama's elegant updo and Cafe Cynthia's girly style is coming tomorrow. Maybe you can wear this style to the CafeMom Holiday Party!


Step 1: Take hair from crown, leaving some hair at down at sides and back, and secure in a ponytail at scalp.

Step 2: With ponytail laying flat on head, pull up one side of the hair that was left down and wrap under the ponytail. With other hand, pull up the other side of your hair and wrap under the ponytail, too.

Step 3: Twist the side sections of hair under and around ponytail once or twice depending on length.

Step 4: With the side sections of hair twisted and covering the spot where the ponytail holder is, brush hair in back to blend and smooth.

Step 5: Place one hand under the blended hair to create bun and tuck ends under. Secure with bobby pins. You will need to make Xs with the bobby pins and use about 10 to 15 pins depending on the thickness of your hair.

Spritz with hairspray to secure style.

Voila! A retro updo!

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