St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time for fun nail art. With such bright greens and iconic shamrock motifs, St. Patrick's Day proves itself to be a colorful, festive holiday. Plus, for those who decide to rock a St. Patrick's Day–inspired manicure, they will manifest some serious luck into their life! Or so I hear. Whether that's true or not, a St. Patrick's Day–themed manicure is still a great way to help usher in some fun and gleeful energy when celebrating the mid-March holiday.

St. Patrick's Day is known by a few iconic symbols (not just the color green, folks!) -- we're talking horseshoes, shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold, and leprechauns. Could there be a more fun bunch?! We can get creative by adorning all of these images on our nails, or we can choose a favorite and really hone in on it. With that being said, the design can then be as subtle as a gold shamrock or as bold as a bright rainbow. 

Not convinced to rock a St. Patrick's Day manicure? Well, how about if we propose this: If we do green on our nails, then we can't get pinched if we don't wear green! It works like that, right?

Anyway, we sought out some inspiration for St. Patrick's Day nails. We rounded up nail art ideas from the super festive to the low-key. All folks will be sure to find at least one style that speaks to them! Good luck! 


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