8 Simple Hair Hacks to Stop Static (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Feb 26, 2015 Beauty & Style

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Your kids might think it's hilarious but there's nothing funny about hair static when you're trying to look your best. While you may have those wild fly aways under control in the house, step out into the frosty air and all bets are off! So just how to you combat static hair season?

We found 8 simple solutions that may help you get your locks back in order in a hurry.

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Do you have an easy remedy for hair static?

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  • Shampoo Less Frequently


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    Sure, every gal wants to have clean and shiny hair, but shampooing less frequently can actually reduce the dryness that ultimately makes static worse. Try to skip a day between washings and see if your hair's natural oils can conquer that static on they're own.

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  • Add a Little Static Guard to Your Brush


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    Known as a "stylist's secret weapon," Static Guard, applied to a brush or a comb, can get those fly aways under control. The product's website offers the following advice,

    "Never spray Static Guard directly onto hair because it can weigh the hair down. Instead, spray it on your hairbrush or comb to distribute the perfect amount without coating hair or making it look greasy. Plastic creates even more static and frizz, so it is best to work with a metal comb or brush. When all else fails, plastic will work, but it may require a more generous coating of Static Guard to create the desired effect."

  • Wet Your Fingertips


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    If you're pressed for time, smoothing your hair with wet fingertips can decrease static dramatically and immediately.

  • Consider a Braid


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    If you're having trouble taming your mane, you may want to consider trying a new style. Braids will keep that static in order and with so many varieties to choose from, think of it as a fun way to mix things up.

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  • Leave Hair a Bit Damp


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    This may go against everything your mother told you about not going outdoors with a wet head. But by leaving hair a bit damp as opposed to overly dry, you can stop static before it starts. 

  • Add a Dab of Moisturizer


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    Chances are if it's dry enough for you to be battling hair with static, your hands are probably pretty chapped too. Next time you lube up, why not run your newly-moistened hands through the ends of your hair? Even a tiny bit of lotion should do the trick.

  • The Metal Hanger Trick


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    Because metal attracts electricity, touching a metal hanger to your head and moving it slowly down your hair can remove static. Pretty neat, huh? 

  • Use Water-Based Products


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    Not all hair products are created equal. To eliminate static and fly-aways, experts recommend choosing water-based products as opposed to those with a high alcohol content, which can add to hair's dryness.

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