Mom Becomes Beauty Pageant Queen After Watching Her Teen Compete

There are stage moms and then there are moms whose daughters inspire them to take the stage themselves. That's what happened when 16-year-old Misha Grimes recently competed in the Miss Teen Galaxy UK pageant and her 53-year-old mom, Kasha, realized she was missing out on all of the fun and decided to become a pageant queen herself.


Mother and daughter were unable to support each other's catwalk efforts on competition day because the Miss Teen pageant just so happened to fall on the same day as Kasha's Mrs. Galaxy UK pageant. But both women were obviously prepared: Misha won second-runner up in her pageant, while mom snagged the first runner-up spot in hers. Not too shabby!

Misha has reportedly been competing since she was 13, but this was a brand new world for Kasha, who spent several years cheering her daughter on before deciding it might be fun to try her luck in front of the judges.

If you suspect the teen resents her mom for trying to horde some of her glory, it certainly doesn't seem that way based on the glowing things Misha has to say about Kasha, including that she hopes she looks like her at her age.

So, moms in pageants—why the heck not?! Kasha credits the pageant with giving her a boost and even more self-confidence that she already had, and this is coming from a woman who was the oldest competing for Mrs. Galaxy. Kasha says a lot of the other women were in their 20s, which makes me respect her even more for having the guts to get on stage in a swimsuit and feel good about her body.

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But the greatest thing about Kasha's new pageant lifestyle isn't that she feels good about her thighs, it's that she and Misha have raised £11,000 for charities and she says she wants to change people's perceptions about the amount of work it takes to compete in a pageant. If beauty pageants make this mom happy, and her daughter is on board, more power to them both.

What do you think about his mom competing in beauty pageants at the same time as her teen daughter?


Image via Sarah Buckley/Flickr

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