Jennifer Lawrence Does the Harried Mom Look Better Than You Do (PHOTO)

jennifer lawrence dior

Look how cute this is! The new Dior ads feature Jennifer Lawrence styled as a harried mom, all messy hair and and under-done makeup. Bless their hearts. And guess what? YOU, TOO can get the same look. We're gonna show you!


Actually, most of us have already been rocking the messy hair look for years. Just ... not this way. Why is that?

Let's see... For starters, Jennifer Lawrence is 24 years old and probably sees one of those Hollywood dermatologist/magicians. And then it took a team of makeup artists to create her "no makeup" look because no one's eyebrows are shaped that way naturally, nor are anyone's lips that color on their own.

There is no magical dermatologist in my life, and I have exactly two minutes in the morning to make up my face, which I MUST do because I am very much not 24 years old.

Then hair stylists spent at least an hour carefully curling every twist, sculpting every wave, and placing each little fly-away wispy bit just so. There was hair product at play here. Oh yes, much hair product.

I didn't have time to do my hair today. I kind of brushed it on my way out the door. I don't use product because using product requires planning and decision-making.

Then there's the I-see-angels glowing light that bathes her face in the most flattering way possible.

WHERE is my light, jokers?

And finally, they put her in Dior dresses because that's the whole point. But you know, the perfect posh dress elevates even authentically messy hair. The handbags don't hurt, either.

dior handbag

I'm wearing that sweater I always wear. I carried a paper bag into the office with me.

Notice the glaring lack of children with JLaw. Also, her clothes are free of stray oatmeal crust and leaking breastmilk stains. SO CHIC!

In conclusion, here are our hot "get the look" beauty tips for Jennifer Lawrence's all-natural, messy hair/don't care style.

  1. Be young.
  2. Don't have kids.
  3. Have a professional do your makeup.
  4. Have a professional do your hair.
  5. Wear Dior and carry a fancy lady bag.
  6. Get someone to light you properly wherever you go. (Yes, moms, even the playground. IT'S WORTH IT!)
  7. If all else fails, there's always Photoshop.

Aw, we're just kidding around, JLaw. We love you and you look gorgeous! I'm just saying -- this "natural" look is deceptively hard to pull off. But I'm trying, you guys. I'm really trying!

How close is Jennifer Lawrence's harried mom look to your own?


Images via Dior

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