New ModCloth Ads Actually Make Us Want to Buy Swimsuits Again (PHOTOS)

Online fashion retailer ModCloth recently released advertisements for their line of 2015 swimwear where the models aren't models. Nope -- they're the employees of the company. Meanwhile, girls everywhere sigh in relief, because we can finally see what these bathing suits will look like on our own, real life, yeah-I-ate-too-much-Ben-and-Jerry's-last-night-what-of-it body types.

The advertisements come on the heels of the February release of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, which we all know can be a little harsh on our self esteem. And though it's wonderful if you have a body like cover model Hannah Davis, ModCloth wanted to make sure that no one is scared of bikini season this year, no matter your size.

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The nine employees who modeled the swimsuits are all gorgeous, all different shapes, and all all totally rockin' the dots. The idea behind the campaign, CCO Susan Gregg Koger said, was to reassure women that diversity is beauty, and to get us all to smile at bathing suit ads for once. 

The company has been a long-time supporter of body positivity, and last year signed a pledge not to Photoshop their models. They're known for their wide selection of plus-sized clothes -- a line which they plan on expanding even more in the spring and summer of this year.

The social media response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive ... and we can't say we're surprised. In the U.S., two-thirds of American women wear above a size 14, and yet (and yet!) this year, for the first time ever, Sports Illustrated put in a "plus-size" model in their editorial pages. And she's a size 12.

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We're hoping ModCloth's campaign starts a change in advertising, but for now we're excited to see at least some familiar bodies in swimsuit ads. Next up, give us some models with weak chins, acne scars, and gray hairs.

How do you feel about ModCloth's choice of swimsuit models this year?



Image via ModCloth/Instagram


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