#SpeakBeautiful Campaign​ Reminds Us Not to Hate on Oscar Gowns Tonight … or Yourself Tomorrow

We love to check out the great fashions on Oscar night—don't tell anyone I said this, but I've been known to turn off the show sometime after the red carpet extravaganza is over because that's the real fun. But we also know analyzing the fashion flops can provide a few cheap thrills and there are some celebs (not naming names) whose entire careers are based on slamming how (mostly) female celebrities look. Dove and Twitter have partnered to convince us to keep body and beauty positive on Oscar night—for reasons that extend beyond just being nice to our favorite stars.


Their joint campaign is called #SpeakBeautiful and addresses the fact that women posted a whopping 5 million negative tweets about either their own or another person's beauty and body last year. Instead of focusing on how a celebrity's thighs look or whether she's too skinny or too big, they're inviting us to use this hash tag during the award's show and follow the rule we learned so many years ago: if we don't have anything nice to say ... well, we know the rest.

So far, this hash tag IS working. It actually makes you feel better to read some of the beautiful, positive posts that have been tweeted thanks to this campaign. Here are a few examples:


And another ...


And one more for good measure ...


Here's the Dove/Twitter video that aired during tonight's red-carpet coverage. There's still time to get involved and spread some positive energy!

What's do you think about this campaign? Do you think it will work?


Image via Ad Media/Splash News

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