You're Not in a 90s Time Warp, JNCO Jeans Really Are Back! (PHOTOS)

jnco jeans

Poised to declare war on skinny jeans are JNCOs, large and in charge and bringing back the memories of raves and hardcore shows of the 90s. Yes, it's true, JNCO jeans are making a comeback, but who is going to want to wear them?


Let's take a moment and remember:


Was she waiting outside a rave hoping her boyfriend brings her out a pacifier? Or is this outside a NOFX show in hopes to catch a glimpse of Fat Mike? Oh JNCOs, you bring back so many memories! The model in an old JNCO jeans ad makes them almost seem wearable today. Almost.


#jnco yes.

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I'm all about the wide leg jean, but I'm only going to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I will not get rid of my skinnies. And I'm never going back to the ultra-wide leg. I graduated from JNCOs a long, long time ago. I had a pair, two if you count the ones my then boyfriend had and I wore sometimes. Mine were black corduroy, with cut and frayed hems that were always wet or dirty from the sidewalks. I was in college. Laundry days were only when I went home for a visit. I wore them with a tight half top, studded dog collar necklace, and my septum piercing. My guy, of course, had a chain wallet, a hoody with the thumbs cut out of the sleeves, and a skateboard, always. I need to point out that I had big hair once, too. Confirming the fact that I took on the so-called trend that was laughed at and frowned upon years later.

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But JNCOs are coming back -- can't say that about Aqua Net hair. And the new JNCOs aren't like the old ones, according to Women's Wear Daily. While they are still big and baggy, they aren't like JNCOs of yesteryear. There will be slouchy knit jeans (pajamas?) and denim with leg openings ranging from 20-23 inches. Now that's massive compared to a basic boot cut, but still less than half the size of the 50 inch wide leg openings sold back in the day. When looking at their website, which promises to reveal more soon, there's this:

jnco jeans

Tattoos. Graffiti. And folded over hems? Now I'm intrigued.

Did you wear JNCOs back in the day? What do you think of a comeback?


Image via JNCO Jeans Official/Instagram; JNCO

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