Giuliana Rancic's Major Hair Makeover Couldn't Be More Gorgeous (VIDEO)

giuliana rancic vidal sassoon

Giuliana Rancic is everywhere right now! That's because the E! host and Fashion Police star is in the middle of doing what she does best -- covering Awards Season, of course. And with the Oscars right around the corner (this weekend -- eee!), you might think the celeb mama wouldn't have time for a full-on makeover. But you'd be wrong!


Giuliana took to YouTube to document a total "DIY" hair color transformation she did with Vidal Sassoon's new at-home kit. Check it out.

She flaunted the end result on Instagram, too.

LOVE, right?!

I have to say, when Giuls first debuted the blond last summer, I was not a fan. She's always been a gorgeous brunette. Why mess with that? That said, it grew on me. The blond she was rocking just before going red was okay. But the new color -- which she refers to as medium gold brown, but it definitely came out at least slightly red -- is so much better, warmer, more flattering somehow with her skintone.

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'Course my preference will always be for her to go back to her long chestnut tresses! But as she mentioned, like many of us, Giuls loves to mix it up every now and then. And now we can look forward to seeing her take the Oscars red carpet on Sunday night with those rockin' reddish locks. Hot!

What do you think about Giuliana's new hair color? Do you prefer it over the blond?



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