Scout Willis's Armpit Hair Isn't the Most Shocking Thing About Her Look (PHOTOS)​

scout willis

Hairy armpits on ladies. You're either into them or you're not. And Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter, Scout Willis, clearly is into them. Scout debuted her hairy pits at a London photo exhibition on Thursday, but surprisingly, that wasn't the most attention-grabbing thing about Scout that evening.


As you can see, Scout chose to wear a dress that left very little to the imagination to the art show (which included her work). This isn't all that surprising, being that Scout is one of the inspirations behind the Free the Nipple campaign. But, the armpit hair? Don't think we've seen that one yet on her. Thoughts?

I don't think I could ever rock a hairy pit, but I've gotta say: I respect women who do -- especially women who do it in public arenas where they know they're going to get media attention -- most likely, negative media attention -- for it.

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When I look at Scout, I don't really see a woman who simply left her razor in the States. I see a woman who's making a fashion/political statement about her body. And, I say good for her. Free the pit hair, Scout. Free the pit hair.

Would you ever forgo shaving your under arms?


Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

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