The 10 Zaniest Oscar Red Carpet Looks of the Century -- So Far! (PHOTOS)

As we gear up for Hollywood's biggest night, aka The Oscars, aka the evening when I ogle the red carpet and have opinions about zillion-dollar dresses whilst wearing yoga pants and stuffing my face with take-out Italian food and Prosecco (STARS, THEY'RE JUST LIKE US!), let us turn our attention where it belongs: to the least boring Oscars dresses of the century.


The following gowns outfits may not have all ended up on the best-dressed lists (many of which, let us recall, were curated by someone just like me; see above), but at least they weren't dull! Here's to hoping Sunday night's red carpet is filled with even more adventurous beauty.

Which crazy look is your favorite? Would you wear any of them?


Image © Shaun Best/Reuters/Corbis; Photo Image Press / Splash News; © Kurt Krieger/Corbis

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