Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Tattoos Painlessly -- Finally!

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Maybe -- just maybe -- you once gave in to a whim and got a ridiculous tattoo you now regret. And maybe -- just maybe -- you roll your eyes every time you lift your shirt/pull on your socks/unbutton your pants, but you're too squeamish to get it lasered off. Well, that unicorn-with-your-ex's-face is on its way out. (Yes! Finally!) Pretty soon, you'll be able to gently fade it painlessly away into a cringe-worthy memory.


And for that, we can thank Alec Falkenham, a 27-year-old student at Dalhousie University in the U.K. While working towards his PhD in pathology, he's invented a topical cream that dissolves tattoo ink over time.

Even better, it's painless and won't cause any of the side effects that laser removal does, like blistering and scarring.

The cream makes use of your body's natural healing process. When you get inked, pigment gets under your skin, which is consumed by white blood cells called macrophages. That's what forms your visible tattoo. But over time, new macrophages replace the old ones, causing your ink to eventually fade or blur.

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To greatly simplify, Falkenham's cream makes use of this process by encouraging new macrophages to actually glom onto and take away the pigment. ("Glom onto" is not a scientific term, FYI. But hey, we're not all PhD candidates in pathology.)

So far, it's worked like a charm on Falkenham's volunteers -- who are all pigs with tattooed ears. (Please insert your own joke here.) And since this story broke, he's received many requests to participate from humans, but alas, is not taking any.

Right now, Falkenham's technology is called Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal (BLTR) but we think he needs something catchier. Might  we suggest Tramp Stamp-Out?

Not like, you know, we have one or anything.

Do you have a tattoo you'd love to get rid of?


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