Keira Knightley Grabs Lunch in Her Red Carpet Dress (PHOTO)

keira knightley

Oscar-nominated actress Keira Knightley is taking a page from Kate Middleton's fashion playbook and recycling her frocks. But these aren't just any old dresses! The stunning mom-to-be was seen heading to lunch with her hubby, James Righton, in Los Angeles wearing the custom-made Michael Van Der Ham gown she wore to a BAFTA-sponsored reception earlier this month. She paired the gown with some flat metallic sandals and off she went.


And this isn't the first time The Imitation Game star has repurposed a pretty special dress. Knightley discussed how she's re-worn her wedding gown over and over again because she "wanted to be in something I had had a great time in, something I would have a great time in again."

What a great sentiment and we love that the star isn't lumping these gorgeous threads in the "one-and-done" pile. 

keira knightley

Let's be honest: Some of these gowns are true works of art. Who wouldn't want to wear them more than once? Designers, seamstresses, and stylists all put tons of time and effort into creating these looks; it seems a shame to wear them for one night and then cast them off.

Plus, who doesn't love putting on a garment that has such a happy association and makes you feel fantastic? We don't blame her one bit for going with old favorites. 

Even though she's pregnant, we're pretty sure the lovely Londoner has no shortage of designers clambering to clothe her, so clearly this is a deliberate choice and we can't get enough of it.

While some of her dresses probably have price tags that would make your average gal swoon, seeing her re-wear them makes the star feel more like a regular person -- despite her talent and stardom. Plus, it goes against the wasteful excess that you sometimes attribute to the rich and famous. We hope she continues this trend and inspires others to recycle some of their winning looks. 

If you were a star, would you rewear your award gowns?

Image via Kirwin, PacificCoastNews

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