Kim Kardashian Gets a Plus-Size Makeover (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

As celebrities are constantly trying to whittle their waists and outdo each other when it comes to tunnel-sized thigh gaps, one man would actually like to see these lovely ladies a little larger than they appear in real life. Artist David Lopera, 20, of Spain, has put his Photoshop skills to the test and added a little extra junk to Kim Kardashian's trunk. He has his way with other skinny starlets as well in some eye-opening new photos. Check it out!


Lopera explains that men he calls "chubby chasers" have tracked him down and asked him to inflate their favorite babes. He explains:

Men are always writing to me asking if I can make their celebrities crushes look a bit fatter. Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kim Kardashian are some of the most popular requests I get.

Kim Kardashian as plus-size

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It's funny to think that men are doing the asking, but Lopera insists he too finds these woman sexier with "a bit of bloat." That's music to some ladies' ears. What new mom wouldn't secretly love to hear at least one celeb say, "I can't seem to lose this baby weight no matter how many times I pass on the French fries and ice cream, so bring on the pizza!" (I can't be the only one who's been dying for How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders to eat a cheeseburger and get a little roundness back in her beautiful face.)

Many of the ladies Lopera retooled actually look a bit healthier with some meat on their bones. Granted, he took it to quite an extreme, but you know what I mean. It's great to see what Katniss Everdeen could look like if she had access to a 24-hour buffet and didn't have to hunt for her dinner. Even scantily clad Disney darlings like Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Elsa get pumped up by Lopera. And who knows, maybe heavier versions of these waifish heroines aren't a bad thing for little girls who are rounder and wondering why they don't often see their images mirrored back on the big screen. 

We're dying to know what these stars think of the artist's renderings. You can't help but imagine them embracing their personal trainers and spending extra hours in the gym to avoid this becoming a reality. Still, it's fun to see their new "looks" and hear that some men aren't seeking super-skinny women after all. 

What do you think of these celebrities' new looks?

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