Rande Gerber Tweets 'Perfect' Bikini Pic of Wife Cindy Crawford: But Why? (PHOTO)

If anyone has anything negative to say about the untouched photo of model Cindy Crawford in lingerie that went viral this weekend, I wouldn't let her husband Rande Gerber find out about it! Just days after the world got a glimpse at his 49-year-old glorious wife's un-photoshopped body, the businessman and restaurant owner posted a picture of the supermodel wearing a bikini and looking ... a bit different from her untouched image. Coincidence?


Despite what anyone thinks of the mother of two's lingerie photo (which we thought was fabulous, by the way), Rande let it be known (without actually mentioning the viral pic) that he doesn't give a flip what we think and that he knows he has the hottest wife on the planet.

Here's the photo Rande posted to his Instagram:

She got flowers and I got her. Happy Valentines Day @cindycrawford

A photo posted by Rande Gerber (@randegerber) on

Cindy hasn't commented about the untouched photo, but I think Rande's message is clear: lay off my beautiful, model wife—who looks stunning in a bikini and if you need proof of that, here you go. Eat your hearts out.

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The optimist in me wants to believe this was Rande's intention and there was no other underlying motive there. He loves his wife and just felt like expressing it to the world. Or, maybe, Cindy was negatively affected by the attention her lingerie photo received and her spouse posted this one to take her mind off of it.

But, of course, there's always the possibility that Rande was embarrassed by the very real photo of his wife that leaked and he wanted to put this one out there to prove she's still got it. I'd hate to think that, after 17 years of marriage, he would be that superficial about her looks. But it is a teeny, tiny bit weird that this is the pic he chose to share so soon after the other photo was released AND that he hasn't exactly posted many other photos of his wife in bathing suits on his social media networking sites.

Why do you think Rande Gerber posted this bikini photo of wife Cindy Crawford?


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