Sarah Palin Stuns In Daughter Bristol's White Mini Dress On 'SNL' (PHOTO)

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Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Show brought out the stars last night from Justin Timberlake to Robert DeNiro to Tina Fey and her best friend Sarah Palin. Yes, both ladies were in the house! But perhaps most memorable is the fact that Palin wore daughter Bristol's outfit on the red carpet -- a white mini dress with exposed shoulders.


The 51-year-old grandma looked incredible right down to her red pedicure peeking out of those heels as she walked the red carpet. A little bronzer goes a long way.

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That outfit?

It belongs to her daughter Bristol. Sarah told Us Weekly:

I'm wearing all Bristol! Everything I have, I borrowed from Bristol. Her [bag], her dress. It's something left over from Dancing With the Stars, but her shoes, she made me give her a deposit before I wore her shoes!

She was like, 'Mom, these are like red soles and you don't mess with them unless you're on the red carpet, otherwise you pay for them!'

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The shoes must be Louboutins. So fancy. Bristol wore the sparkly dress back in 2011 to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner and clearly it was worth keeping. See? Sarah is showing her earthy side and recycling style. A dress this adorable deserves as many wears as possible. Mama Palin is looking good, but of course there are the haters saying she looks trashy and how dare she wear something from her daughter's closet. I'm putting politics aside here (politically speaking, I'm not a Palin fan), but I am a fan of her whole outfit for SNL 40. She's in great shape, and I love how the dress isn't too tight or too short. Even Tina Fey must have been proud.

What do you think of Palin wearing Bristol's dress?


Image via Briston Palin/Instagram; Splash News

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