Cindy Crawford's Untouched Lingerie Pic Makes Every Woman's Day (PHOTO)

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is 49. For decades, she has looked amazing in clothing and equally as amazing in swimsuits, lingerie, and while posing naked in Playboy. But while so many of her peers continue to appear in magazines and on billboards completely retouched and looking as if they haven't aged a second since 1992, Cindy is making headlines for posing in underwear and a bra—and—sound the alarm—the photo is not photoshopped.


Crawford posed for the photo in December 2013 for Marie Claire magazine's Mexico/Latin America edition and mentioned in her interview that she thinks it's important to feel comfortable in your skin, no matter what age you are. Unlike so many other celebs who preach this mantra, the mom of two teens (Presley, 15, and Kaia, 13) actually proved she means what she says.

ITV News Anchor Charlene White tweeted the untouched photo of the model, who was 47 at the time this pic was snapped:


Of course, Twitter users have expressed various opinions of this photo. Some have been kind to Cindy; others, not so much.

Personally, I don't think Cindy has to pose in lingerie anymore because she has already been down that road and has OWNED it. But, if she feels comfortable in her bra and panties and wants the world to know how she really looks, I say: more power to her.

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Obviously, she isn't plastic-perfect, but she looks fantastic. And, 30 years after she dominated swimsuit magazines, she still owns it, mainly because she possesses the sexiest trait of all: confidence.

What do you think about Cindy Crawford's untouched lingerie photo?


Image via Splash News

Image via CharleneWhite/Twitter


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