10 Mascara Mistakes Keeping You From Bombshell Lashes

Mascara's kind of my thing, so when I had the chance recently to get a makeup touch-up from Jennifer Fleming, the NYC-based celebrity makeup artist known as @FaceMaid, my mind was blown when she pointed out a big mistake I've been making all these years. BLOWN, I tell you!


According to Fleming, I've been missing out on major mascara impact by leaving the bottom ends (closest to the roots) of my lashes naked. WHAT?!! What else have I been doing wrong all this time?! I decided to grill her for more mascara advice ...

So here's how to really amp up your mascara game and get the most out of everyone's favorite beauty product.

How many of these mistakes have you been making?!

mascara mistakes


Image © iStock.com/laflor and © gresei/Shutterstock

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