New Jeans Make Your Butt Look Bigger On Purpose

new jeans

Paging Sir Mix-A-Lot, big butts are in the house! A British department store is doing a brisk trade in a new line of Jaspar Conran brand jeans designed to make your butt look TWO INCHES bigger than it does sans denim. The jeans lift and accentuate using a combination of padding and paneling. I have to say, looking at the photo of the model showcasing the jeans, it's a way more subtle look than I was expecting. It's one I might actually try.


That's right, forget worrying about whether or not the cookies you ate for breakfast are going right to your hips and eat seven more -- because big butts are officially back and these jeans are living proof. Right now these jeans are only available in stores in the UK, but you can order them online if you're willing to shell out the $90 and change to achieve this new look. 

Big bootied celebs like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have mainstreamed the passion for bums that just won't quit, sure. But having a little something to back on up has been desirable to some for ages. And with good reason! Butts are great. I wish I'd been more accepting of my own back in my awkward high school days. 

Check 'em out:

Where was this trend when I was in high school and desperately trying to pry my ass into unforgiving jeans in the mall dressing room, the dulcet tones of Alanis Morrisette blasting and the florescent lights highlighting my shame? It's refreshing to see that having a little junk bouncing around inside your trunk is now a look that's being sought after by the masses. I wonder what they feel like? Could you accidentally sit down on, like, broken glass, and maybe have no idea?

I'm tempted to say that it's great to see that having curves is finally being celebrated in a mainstream way and then to twerk for joy. But(t) (see what I did there?) nobody should have to try and deceive the public at large that their body looks one way when it doesn't. I wish there was a trend where jeans that magically worked what your mother gave you regardless of your shape were flying off the shelves, but last I checked, magic is in short supply. Butt-lifting jeans are almost passe at this point, and I have a feeling adding the size-factor to the equation will eventually become the new normal. 

What do you look for when you buy jeans?


Images via Ruven Afanador/shutterstock; Twitter

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