Glass Slippers Coming to Stores, But Can Real Women Pull Them Off?

The most influential fashion darlings of the moment are more likely to be found in your daughter's paper doll kit than posing in Paper magazine. Disney princesses are inspiring scores of designers to create whimsical, feminine, and fun fashion, and the latest possible trend is going to make shoe fanatics swoon: Cinderella-inspired glass slippers. Extraordinary -- but are they wearable? 


Maybe you're wondering, what is going on with adult women and why do we suddenly seem obsessed with all things Disney? We spoke with Maria Divaris, fashion stylist and blogger for Red Soled Momma, who explained that, after years where fashion became austere, conservative, and practical, which tends to happen during times of economic trouble, women are ready to embrace statement pieces that add more light into their lives.

"Disney is about the fantasy, it takes you back to being a little girl, playing dress up, and not having to worry about practicality," Divaris said. "Thinking back on Cinderella, its the first real moment as a child that we first started to appreciate beautiful shoes. The wonderful thing about fantastical shoes is that we don't have to be a size 2 or 20 years old to wear them. We may not be able to pull off trends like crop tops, but we can indulge in a pair of fabulous shoes."

Although these glass slippers won't be available in high-end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods until March, to coincide with the release of the live-action Cinderella, we got a glimpse at what we can expect from top designers. Needless to say, they are gorgeous AND all very different interpretations of the most famous shoe in storybooks:

Nicholas Kirkwood:

 Stuart Weitzman:

I encourage you to take a moment and gawk at the other magical glass slipper designs by the likes of Jimmy Choo and Paul Andrew because one is more beautiful than the next.

But let's take this trend back down to Earth, shall we? If you're thinking: this is Lucite Part II, nothing new here to see, you're not giving this new trend enough credit.

"Once upon a time (pardon the fairy tale pun), Lucite shoes were considered more tarty rather than fashion forward -- I think the way these designers are taking this trend and creating fantasy around it is very exciting," Divaris said. "I mean, who doesn't appreciate some fashion whimsy?"

And you won't need to go out and buy a tulle ballgown to complement these shoes. Divaris says a statement shoe like this is the ideal accessory to help boost your basics.

"Take your favorite pair of jeans (whether skinny, distressed or boyfriend style), a simple white tee or shirt, and dress up this casual weekend look with these great glass slippers," Divaris said. "I love to add a blazer to finish my look—but it's the fabulous footwear that instantly updates and elevates your look."

These shoes will also do wonders for your figure. "Having the invisible look on your foot actually elongates your legs, making you look longer and leaner," Divaris said. "The glass slipper heels are a unique statement piece that are versatile enough to work with the pieces your already have, and have the added bonus of giving the the illusion of a taller, slimmer silhouette."

Are we all convinced now? Hmmm ... maybe we will be once knock-off versions begin to appear in every shoe store in the mall. It's only a matter of time.

Would you wear glass slippers? What would you pair these with?


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